Five steps! Teach you how to prevent moisture
With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the home environment of toilets and kitchens are becoming higher and higher. A clean, comfortable and hygienic home environment has become the wishes of residents.

The beloved new house is finally handed over. In order to improve the home environment, many residents will choose their favorite plates. However, during the decoration process, there will often be some mistakes that lead to damage to the plate. How should we avoid this situation? Now let the editor teach you some small ways to protect the plate.

1. During the transportation of the board, take protective measures to prevent sun exposure, dampness, rain and board surface contamination.

2. The purchased plates should be placed flat in a ventilated and dry place indoors to prevent moisture or deformation, avoid mixing with aldehyde-containing chemicals or other aldehyde-containing different plates, so as not to absorb each other, causing excessive formaldehyde release.

3. Before use, the board must be checked for signs of mildew, blistering, gumming, carbonization, bursting, etc., to ensure that there is no such phenomenon before use.

4. Dry the walls that need to be decorated, and take measures to prevent moisture. The moisture content of the wood bars and base materials used in the decoration should not exceed 14%, which is not suitable for decoration in bathrooms and other wet areas. Because the board is a semi-finished product, it must be checked before use.

5. If quality problems are found before or during use, they should stop using them immediately and contact the service provider in time for proper handling.

Have you got all the tips for using these plates? Hurry up and apply it!