How does the furniture board improve the surface smoothness of the board?
With the gradual development of modern economy, the aesthetic level of the home environment has been continuously improved, all of which is inseparable from the use of furniture boards For good flatness, let the furniture board manufacturers summarize the methods to improve the flatness of the board:

Under normal circumstances, to improve the surface smoothness of the furniture board, you can use the calender surface sizing. After the construction is completed, it can effectively improve the smoothness, water resistance and adaptability of the paper. After the board pulp is decontaminated and purified, it can be fine and even. In order to reduce felt printing, furniture board manufacturers stated that they can install a smooth roller when the wet paper enters the cylinder. The sheet passes through the smooth roller and closely adheres to the dryer surface, which plays a certain role in reducing felt marks and smoothing the board surface.

Furniture board manufacturers remind us that in the process of using the board, we actually need to be more concerned about how to maintain it, so that your board can exert more advantages and extend the service life of the board.