How to judge the type of wood based on wood grain?
If you know more about wood, you won’t be caught off guard by picking up wood. I believe many people are only half-knowledge. Let’s take a look at these beautiful woods that we might encounter in life.

1. Black Walnut
The cut surface of the black walnut wood is smooth, the gloss is soft, and it is light black brown with purple, and the cut surface is a beautiful large parabolic pattern. The sapwood of black walnut is milky white, and the heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate, with occasional purple and dark stripes. After the steam treatment, the sapwood can become deeper, while gray is more noble.

The main purpose
Black walnut is resistant to impact and friction, resistant to decay, easy to dry and less deformed; easy to apply and easy to glue. The shrinkage rate is very small, making it suitable for changing climates without cracking and other problems. No other wood is as good as black walnut, which can absorb oil paint. These unique features make the price of black walnut high. It is understood that the market price of black walnut is about 20,000 yuan/cubic meter. Therefore, pure solid wood furniture made of black walnut is naturally more expensive than other general furniture. . Black walnut is used for flat cut veneer, rotary cut veneer, furniture, paneling, cabinets, musical instrument construction boards, buttstocks, etc.

2. Huanghuali
Huanghuali wood color is golden and warm, the heartwood color is darker reddish brown or dark brown, with rhino horn texture. The color of rosewood is from light yellow to purple red, solid wood, exquisite pattern, into a figure of eight, the fragrance is overflowing when sawing, its distinctive feature is that there are ghost faces on the pattern surface, that is, the tree knot is the best, and the thick color of the flower is low . Another feature is that the heartwood and sapwood are very different. The heartwood is reddish brown to dark reddish brown or purple reddish brown, with uneven shades, often with dark brown stripes.

The main purpose
Because the wood of Huanghuali wood is extremely stable, it will not deform, crack or bend regardless of cold and heat, and it has a certain toughness to make various shaped furniture. The mahogany furniture made by Huanghuali is very precious. Huanghuali is divided into Hainan Huanghuali and Vietnam Huanghuali. The price of Haihuang is much higher than that of Yuehuang.